Advantages of employing Kimibond series binders

Kimibond series binders are being employed as powerful binders to provide increased Green Strength and Dry Strength for many tile producers. Our binders typically increase MOR up to 60%, if used correctly at the recommended dosage.
Further to increased MOR, by applying Kimibond, the following benefits can also be achieved:

  • Possibility of producing large
  • tile slabs with low thickness
  • Possibility of reducing thickness

  • Increasing Green and Dry strength
  • Reducing tile breakage
  • Reducing surface defects
  • Increasing overall tile quality
  • Reducing granule defects

Depending on each customers’ unique circumstances and conditions, KIMIBOND binders may be able to achieve some or all the above advantages, which makes it possible to reduce overall cost or increase overall quality, enhance production, and enable to produce large slabs with very low thickness.

Application Recommendations

Kimibond binders are organic polymers and should be added in the ball mill 15 to 20 minutes before discharge or could be added directly to the blunger. Typical recommended dosage ranges from 0.1-0.6% of total slurry composition. Kimibond forms strong bondage to the slurry particles significantly increasing green and dry strength and will completely evaporate at 250° C.

Storage Recommendations

Kimibond binders are different types of liquid and powder proprietary organic polymers, and should be stored in dry and covered facility typically in a temperature range between 5-30° C.

Complete handling and storage instructions are provided with each product’s Material Safety Datasheet.

Our technical sales team are at your disposal to provide free consultation regarding the application of our products, furthermore, our policy is to provide free of charge samples for test and analysis in the laboratory.